MYM.EE offers project management services in music for artists and event organizers according to the client's needs. Activities include project and financial planning, requesting additional funding (if necessary), marketing activities, communication with the media and other partners, coordinating and/or conducting events, and analysis of activities.
Collaboration is active with artists Maarja Aarma MA (since 2022), Martin Kuuskmann (since 2021), Mingo Rajandi (since 2020), and Estonian Voices (since 2020), whose activities vary according to the artist's needs. The following activities can be listed: maintaining and expanding the contact network in Estonia and abroad, daily continuous internal communication of the project team, preparation of project applications, organizing events and publishing recorded music, media communication, social media and website management, financial planning, foreign travel logistics, general artist support.

Merylin Poks

Artist Manager & Project Manager

Through years of freelance work as a project manager for several musicians and a concert producer for many organisations, Merylin has built up an extensive understanding of the music industry. As a former singer herself, she understands the life behind and on the stage and uses her knowledge to be a better manager for her artists. She is fascinated by people, especially those with great music, vibe and vivid characters. Currently, Merylin is a part of the team of Estonian Voices and Mingo Rajandi, Kristjan Randalu and Martin Kuuskmann. In addition, she works in project-based teams for international productions. A better future for all beings and helping others to find their right way has been her motivation to contribute to an Estonian chapter of the shesaid.so, which is an independent global community of women and gender minorities in the music industry.
Previously she has worked with the State Associate of Eesti Kontsert Foundation, Estonian Jazz Union and several classical, jazz and folk festivals in Estonia. She has been part of many project teams in the music and event industry and worked for education and logistics organizations.

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