Passion for two women and a five-member band
"Elajannad" is one woman's CV, Curriculum Vitae - the running track of life, the starting point of which is birth, the end point of which is death, but maybe the other way around.

This woman's running track can be an overgrown forest target, a kitchen full of broken glass, a bedroom dripping with tenderness, a road to hell paved with good intentions, an eternal craft lesson, a funeral procession, but why not also a four-lane stadium circuit where she runs to victory with herself.

Played by Mirtel Pohla and Eva Koldits, several possible life stories of one woman intertwine in the play. Because as long as the story lasts, so long does life last.

Like a chorus in Greek tragedies, The Woman is accompanied on her journey through hell and paradise on earth by a low-pitched ensemble consisting of top Estonian musicians.

The authors of the idea are Eva Koldits and Mingo Rajandi
Directed by Eva Koldits
Artist Kairi Mändla
Composer, band leader and musical director Mingo Rajandi
Dramatist Berit Kaschan
Lighting design Meelis Lusmägi
Production technical manager Marti Tärn
Troupe Eva Koldits, Mirtel Pohla, Mingo Rajandi (double bass), Erki Pärnoja (guitars, electronics), Tobias Tammearu (saxophone, electronics), Villu Vihermäe (cello, viola da gamba) or Andres Kaljuste (viola), Ahto Abner (percussion)
Producer Merylin Poks

Premiere on February 5, 2023 at Vaba Lava Tallinn Theater Center