Maarja Aarma MA is that rhythm inside, from serene landscapes to crazy raves. MA stories are a book you cannot put aside. It captures you. Your breathing stops for a second… And then with a fresh new breath, you dive deeper into yourself, your world, your mind, your heart, your soul.
Maarja Aarma MA is an Estonian band of four members: Maarja Aarma (vocals), Janno Trump (bass, Moog synth), Madis Muul (piano, keys) and Dmitri Nikolajevski (drums). They grab every audience's attention with Maarja’s feminine touch, soft but powerful, and the guys’ strong presence and ever-changing playfulness. Soul, neo-soul, vocal pop, and Scandinavian jazz influence MA’s music.

At International Songwriting Competition (ISC) they reached the final with their single "Hazy Day" (2019), and the semi-final with their first tune “Don’t Throw This Heart Around” (2017), “Give A Little Faith” (2021) and "A Sparkle" (2022). Band’s debut album “Connected Through” was released in April 2019 and in January 2022 they released the EP “Queenland” which was chosen as the album of the month (February 2022) at Radio Tallinn.

It’s a story you didn’t expect. Without even noticing how it happened, you are dancing and flowing and letting yourself be in it. You forget and you stop resisting it. Safely you are guided and taken by their beats, sounds, and melodies. It’s a wave to ride and they are ready to blow the audience's mind abroad.